The culmination of nearly two decades of research and development are coming to fruition as the long awaited dream of Gullinbursti® has finally arrived. In 2006, we entered the motorcycle protective clothing industry not only because of our fondness for bikes, but also due to our intrigue in the culture and community embodying them. A dream that bud with every roar of an engine, every click of a helmet. The cool, slick image of a rider parking their bike was something we could not shake. Gullinbursti® first began as a realization, which soon evolved into a passionate calling, a quest to perfect and improve.

From our time in the industry, we learned a great deal about safety and perfected the processes of protection. However, solely focusing on practical features and engineering is only half the battle. We soon realized that our favorite stores were heavily saturated with brands that were safety-oriented, yet lacking in aesthetic and fashion.

The vision of Gullinbursti® is to provide groundbreaking urban wear with the sole purpose of creating functional yet fashionable apparel. Our products are planned out at the granular level, from durable materials to chic colorways, to connect thoughtful designs with protective technology.

What is Gullinbursti?

The name Gullinbursti originates from Norse mythology. It is said that Eitri and Brokkr, two dwarven master blacksmiths, threw a pig's skin into a furnace and forged the mechanical golden boar Gullinbursti. They presented this gift to Freyr, the most renowned and sacred god in Norse mythology.

As the legend holds, Gullinbursti was faster than any horse over land or water. The boar had bristles in its mane that glowed in the dark, serving as an illuminating light for heroes. Due to its significance, many warriors bore the image of Gullinbursti on their helmets and shields as a symbol of protection and good luck.

We at Gullinbursti® aspire to exemplify everything this mythical boar embodied. We aim to serve as your symbol of protection and good luck, wherever your path takes you.