About: RAXTON™ Super-T


Our RAXTON™ Series products are the first of its kind, featuring our proprietary groundbreaking SINGLE-LAYER integration of a double weave construction cotton outer surface with a high quality Para-Aramid fiber inner surface throughout the garment.  Raxton™ products stretch, breathe, and most importantly feel like cotton, but holds the strength of its Para-Aramid fibers for the superior abrasion resistance.

Gullinbursti’s Super-T is a mid-weight long sleeve shirt made entirely with RAXTON™. Another staple garment showcasing the double weave of Cotton & colored Para-Aramid fiber. The cotton outer-shell seamlessly integrates the aramid fibers, leaving almost no trace of the additional layer, yet still providing the full layer of abrasion resistance. Layer-up with Gullinbursti Hoodies if you want to double down on your abrasion resistant garments. Complete the look with a T-shirt underneath the Raxton™ Super-T for a timeless look.