Are you tired of taking your sweaty and sticky moto gear off after a hot summer ride? Or wish that you had a breathable midlayer with a built-in balaclava to add layers during colder months? We created this all season, tri-fit, tactical baselayer to help you keep your rides more enjoyable.

The Recon is made of aerosilver, a fabric engineered for long lasting freshness. The fabric has an antibacterial finish, quick dry and odor-prevention effect, as well as UV protection. There are three ways to wear the Recon. With the hood on, it helps block wind, bugs, and sweat during your moto adventures and also keeps the helmet liners fresh from your sweat. The back also serves as a sunguard so that you don’t get those nasty burns and tan lines, making people question why the back of your neck is much darker than the rest of your face.You can also take the hood off and wear it as a neckguard. Or just wear the hood without the mask part.

The Recon is a standard classic fit, which means it fits like any average long sleeve you may own. The back has an elongated scallop cut to keep the piece looking flattering on any body type. You can wear it under our TERIX or RAXTON tops or, just as is if you are doing other activities such as bicycling, snowboarding, etc.

Fabric details. We used numerous functional fabrics and measurements in different areas to increase the range of motion so that you can move your head without resistance. The honeycomb fabric is moisture-wicking, which will remove moisture away from your skin during any physical activity. The mask is made to help with breathability and flexibility so that it can accommodate any face shape well. The comfort edging line here helps reduce rashing, if any. Lastly, the Recon features a minimal, 3D logo.